Claire Yang

I am currently a backend software engineer at HubSpot, building out digital products that enable small businesses to showcase their work online. I also have a research background in artificial intelligence and human computer interaction, with a particular emphasis on human behavior and the social implications of technology on communities. I am passionate about engaging with local non-profits through UX design volunteer work, and I also have experience consulting and leading teams in both academia and industry. I love learning, staying active, and giving back to my community in whatever way possible.

This page is just a sample of highlights. For more detail, feel free to check out my résumé here and/or contact me!


I've worked in many different positions in industry, including software engineering, artificial intelligence research, consulting, and UX design. I am looking to combine my engineering skills with my research background in my career. If you have any positions available in this intersection, please contact me! I would be happy to talk with you.

Senior Software Engineer I, Nov 2022–Present

Currently working on HubSpot AI Products.

Backend Software Engineer, July 2021–Nov 2022

Worked on the HubSpot CMS Hub's Video product, which powers over 50,000 customers' content. Built a real time video update processing system, migrated hundreds of thousands of videos off the legacy system, and backfilled over 1.5 billion video analytics events. Mentored a summer software engineering intern. Led the rollout for multiple product feature releases.

Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT)
Artificial Intelligence Research Co-op, Aug 2020–Jan 2021

Researched novel NLP and Planning techniques in collaboration with several different DARPA programs. Examples include utilizing BERT and Word2vec word embeddings to analyze bias in large-scale datasets of online discourse in social media, conducting linguistic affect analysis, prototyping automated stance detection of text.

Software Engineering Intern, May 2020–Aug 2020

Audited and refactored an event-driven data ingestion pipeline to reduce lag and simplify its ingestion pathways for the platform logging team. Implemented frontend components to alert users of incomplete interactive query results.

Consulting Analyst Summer Intern, June 2019–Aug 2019

Developed and presented training materials for a $50 million change management project at a Fortune 500 company.

Digital Arts, Sciences + Humanities (DASH) Program at University of Minnesota
Research assistant, Jan 2018–May 2019

Consulted over 15 different faculty on their research and community projects, managing project timelines, designing user experiences, and creating digital websites–an example project I worked on is ASAPbio's Preprint Server Directory.


My research interests lie primarily in human computer interaction and how artificial intelligence can model human behavior and decision making.

Computation, Motivation, and Control Lab supervised by Dr. Paul Schrater
Undergraduate RA – Signaling and Inferring Social Preferences in a Dynamic Multi-Agent Environment, Sep 2020–May 2021

Developed framework that represents and infers team formation via social preferences in a multi-agent environment. Implemented a generative model in a game testbed that infers each agents' social preferences via signaling. Presented at the SPUDM 2021 Conference and the 2021 California Cognitive Science Conference.

Undergraduate RA – Inverse Multi-Agent Planning in League of Legends, Sep 2019–June 2020

Collaborated on representing agent beliefs in complex team settings with cognitive neuroscientists. Analyzed features and prepared data for time series analysis of large scale game dataset using Python and Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. Transformed relational database into graph database (Neo4j) for easier agent-centric analysis.

Grouplens Research, supervised by Dr. Lana Yarosh
Undergraduate HCI RA – Prototyping Social Robots, Sep 2018–May 2019

Programmed a shape shifting table to research multimodal interfaces within education and virtual environments. Designed a process to control the interactive table’s shape through 3D modeling in Blender.

Undergraduate HCI RA – Participatory Design to Support Recovery from Substance Abuse Disorders, Oct 2017–May 2018

Designed and conducted participatory design interviews with participants in sober homes. Qualitatively analyzed interview transcripts through open coding in order to gain insight on the users’ wants and needs.


My first job ever was as a math tutor at Mathnasium, and I spent the better part of my gap year in South Korea tutoring English to North Korean refugees. These experiences formed my passion for teaching and giving back to the community. I aim to help break barriers in tech, as well as use my UX design and technical skills for pro bono projects throughout my career. Here are a few things I've done/I'm doing in this space that I'd love to highlight:

Milton Academy
Instructor, Sep 2022–present

Teaching the AI 2 class at Milton Academy in Massachussetts.

Mentor, Nov 2022–present

Technical mentoring for underrepresented women/nonbinary folks who aim to start a career in tech.

Design U (University of Minnesota)
Digital Designer, Digital Division Director, Co-President, Sep 2017–May 2020

Delivered pro bono digital designs and branding strategies for nonprofit organizations. Interviewed, formed, and managed the scoping and schedules of seven different teams and clients. Oversaw the member-side operations of a 50 person nonprofit design consultancy and 10 member executive board.


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Sep 2017–May 2021

B.S. in Computer Science & Psychology minor.

Contact Me

You can reach me at claire.y.yang{at} Or via LinkedIn/GitHub, which are both linked in the sidebar!